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Numera Libris 2 Pricing

  •  Panic button/fall detection with GPS   –   FREE
    • Panic only   –   $29.99 / month
    • Panic & Fall Detection with GPS   –   $39.99 / month
  • Additional Dashboard User   –   $10.00 / month
  • One Time Activation Fee   –   $149.00

To Activate all that is required is the first month of monitoring and activation fee with a visa with auto pay.

Documents and Downloads

Welcome New Customer

An introduction to your Numera Libris 2


Medical Monitoring Agreement

Please fill out and return agreement to install the Libris 2


Numera Libris 2 Disclaimer

Please read our disclaimer for liability information

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Numera Libris 2 is a cellular device. For proper operation, Libris 2 requires adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call or automatically detect a fall. Check with your customer service team for known coverage limitations.
As with all location-based services, it may not always be possible to determine your location. Multi-level buildings, parking garages, and even dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites and cell phone towers to locate your exact location.
In an emergency, please provide your response team with as much information as possible about your location.
This product does not replace a diagnostic or treatment decision made by a physician and is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease

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