Combining personal safety and emergency response in Mississippi

Libris 2

A mobile safety device to track your health and keep you safe

Starting at $29.99/month + activation 

Personal safety and wellness in one mobile solution

The next generation of mobile safety device. The newest fall detection technology combined with accurate location services to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind. All in one portable device.


Detects Falls & Alerts Help

Advanced fall detection for 24/7 alerts to family and caregivers

Goes With You Everywhere

Fully mobile for personal safety at home and on the go

Keeps All Informed

Device and event notifications for keeping the family and caregivers informed


Highly Water Resistant

Water-resistant to 1 meter (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes. Designed to be worn in the shower

the personal emergency response system that saves money

The old “help I’ve fallen and can’t get up” device was very prone to false alarms with a rate of one a day. The Numera Libris 2 has a rate of 0.7 per month. This can save thousands on unecessary ambulance calls.

Active Senior Mobile Safety Device Mississippi

Help is only a click away

With the advanced fall detection feature, the Libris 2 will automatically get in contact with the call center when a person falls. The quick, two way communication allows the user to get help if needed.

The GPS and location-based services help emergency response teams pinpoint the user’s location in order to get help as quickly as possible. Whether you’re spending the day at Biloxi Beach or visiting the Mississippi Petrified Forest, the Libris 2 can communicate anywhere that is in range of cellular service.

Perfect for lone workers

The Numera Libris 2 is the perfect personal safety device for anyone in Mississippi who works alone or in vulnerable environments. Home health providers, realtors, security guards, home service providers and others put themselves at potential risk when entering a stranger’s home. 

With the increase of independent delivery drivers working all hours, the Numera Libris 2 is perfect for letting employers know the exact location of employees at any time.

Get peace of mind with a lightweight, discreet device that can send location updates to your employer. In the event of an emergency, get help with the click of a button.

Lone worker mobile safety device Mississippi

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Numera Libris 2 is a cellular device. For proper operation, Libris 2 requires adequate cellular coverage. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call or automatically detect a fall. Check with your customer service team for known coverage limitations.
As with all location-based services, it may not always be possible to determine your location. Multi-level buildings, parking garages, and even dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites and cell phone towers to locate your exact location.
In an emergency, please provide your response team with as much information as possible about your location.
This product does not replace a diagnostic or treatment decision made by a physician and is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease

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